Legend has it that many, many years, in those distant days when the Northmen ravaged these coasts breaking the quiet life of its people, three sorceresses conspired to end the Viking raids.

Drakkars that defied the menacing winds and storms across the seas to ravage their villages, they would have to deal with the fury of the witches Zaharra Mari, Mari and Mari Txiki: "Las Tres Marias".

The first warning for the fearsome sea dragons come in the form of an impetuous wave with Mari Txiki shake their ships making them change course. If the warning was not attended Mari would be that imposing a second wave would capsize them.

Fear would seize them by inviting them to turn. If not thus give up, a third wave giant sink their ships. It had to happen and it did: Viking longships succumbed to a huge third wave, Mari Zaharra, which swallowed.

However, amid the calm that followed the spell of the waves he reappeared fierce and ruthless dragons north. His silhouette was drawn looming on the horizon. No time to waste, sorceresses joined forces against the ship lunging for a moment, seemed to resist the onslaught of a wave of enormous proportions ...

Long after someone commented that the waves that ended with the Viking longships were as big as the Swiss mountains.

But is it really sank that last longship? For the answer will have to relive their experience in the Swiss Mountain Amusement Park Monte Igueldo. What are you waiting for?

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