- Frequently asked questions -


What happens if it rains?

Usually, on rainy days the attractions remain closed. If it's light and intermittent rain, some of the attractions may remain open.
The Funicular and the park remain open regardless of weather conditions, except for possible weather alerts that can be a risk to the public.

How much do children pay?

Children under 7 years old, return ticket 2,50€.

Can I ride bikes/scooters on the funicular?

No, it is not allowed to climb bicycles or scooters on the Funicular.


It is possible to climb with baby strollers on the Funicular, but it is somewhat uncomfortable since you have to save several steps both to access it and then on arrival (50 in total approximately).
Small-medium-sized strollers enter into the larger compartment of the Funicular without too much trouble. In case the stroller is very large, it is possible that the Funicular staff will ask them to clos it so that they can enter it inside.

Is the funicular adapted to wheelchairs?

Right now, the Funicular is not adapted to wheelchairs. Due to its historical nature, the necessary works for its adaptation, cannot be carried out without significantly affecting its structure.


How long does the funicular travel take?

The Funicular leaves every 15 minutes. Depends on public influx, waiting time can be shorter. 

Can I access with the camper?

Access to the parking of camperised caravans or vehicle than 4,5 metres is prohibited. Nor is access to trailers allowed.

Can I access to the enclosure/Funicular/attractions with a dog?

The entry of dogs is allowed in the enclosure of Monte Igueldo as long as they are tied at all times.

If they are dangerous they have to wear muzzle and of course, their poops have to be collected.

Dogs must carry the special pet ticket (€ 2.50 / dog). If you access by car or on foot, the dog's access is free. What is not allowed is that they access the attractions.

Does the Funicular ticket include access to see the views?

The Funicular ticket includes access to the enclosure where both the viewpoints and the attractions are located. You do not have to pay an extra to access the viewpoints.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay in cash or by credit card on the Funicular and at the road access. Some of the attractions also offer payment by card, but most of them accept cash only.

Is there a reservation or advance purchase system?

There is no reservation system or advance purchase. All tickets, both access and attractions are purchased at the time of the visit.

In the schedule it says that the attractions are open, but they are closed.

Schedules are set in advance.

How does the use of the attractions work?

On opening days, the attractions work "fair style". The ticket is acquired at the attraction itself at the time of the visit.

How does Monte Igueldo access work?

Monte Igueldo is the monumental complex composed by the Funicular and the enclosure located at the top of the mountain where both, the attractions and the viewpoints are located.

There are two ways to access Monte Igueldo; making use of the Funicular or by road, either walking or in a private vehicle.

The Funicular access ticket includes the Funicular trip and access to the enclosure, where the viewpoints and attractions are located.


Does the entrance to the enclosure include the use of the attractions?

No, attractions are paid individually.

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