Igeltxo's History

KAIXO, my name Igeltxo and I am a dragon, a dragon but a little quirky ... We could say I'm a dragon metamorphosed because, as tadpoles, I was also "fry" before purchasing my current appearance. If you have a moment to share with me, I will tell my story. A story I may like more or less, but surely will not leave you indifferent. After meeting the Amusement Park Monte Igueldo will never be the same for you. You will see it with new eyes and, above all, conseguiréis that everyone share the new vision.

My history BEGINS

In reality, I was born as figurehead of a fearsome Viking ship, a Drakkar.

The craftsman who carved I had been commissioned to create a scary, creepy, so dreadfully fierce image that your single vision did capsize boats. A real sea demon!

And he tried. I swear he tried. I was there and I could witness it all. I still bristling scales when I remember:

It was a peaceful day late September. The sun was beautiful in heaven but hardly warm. That year, The Snow Queen had decided to renew her wardrobe and, therefore, lead to its annual lethargy intending to catch unawares some of those beautiful birds feather multicolored that stragglers, had not yet begun its long journey to the southern lands ...

In the small Viking village, the old Olaf tallarme had finished his work and looked engrossed in thought.

I was a surprise for her grandchildren: a small boat to have fun playing in the lake beside the workshop. Surely with the laughter of small side it would work much better, because they were his best vitamin and gave all the energy that the years he had been stealing.

And it was important to be bursting with strength. The runes had said that his next job would be colossal. Undoubtedly the most notable of his life and his legacy for posterity ... And the runes are never wrong!

Those who do wrong are the men who, as in the case of Olaf, knew not understand the message of the runes:


The truth is that when he started tallarme, the old craftsman knew that was not mere piece of wood, but to a branch of the great magical ash Vikings (YGGDRASIL). His tree of life.

FREYA, the goddess of love, had thrown into the world as part of a plan to THOR, god of war and the strongest of all the gods, understand that force could be used in other purposes. Therefore, the branch that Olaf found a fall day in the woods and had a soul, whatever the way you would, keep his soul forever ...


Then this happened

THOR was presented at the workshop Olaf and demanded a colossal and awesome Drakkar. Was in a hurry to start an expedition to the south and, throwing his hammer to me, I became a great Viking ship. However, in the rush he did not notice that my soul was peaceful.

When the expedition was coming to the shores of the Cantabrian three powerful waves they rammed the boat: first the izo capsize. The second overturned several Drakkar and third gobbled those who were still afloat. I only managed to resist, but not for long. A "three Marias" followed a foam rumor saying, "No more raids, no more raids ..." and a huge wave, a wave of massive proportions as had never been approached willing to swallow. I tried to turn to flee, but the Vikking who commanded the ship and cursing realized righted. What happened next was a bit confusing. I felt myself sinking slowly until almost unconscious hit rock bottom.

In the bottom of the sea, time has its own measure, and I must spend long years. I met all kinds of creatures, from mermaids and starfish to whales, octopus, hake and anchovy ... Until one day, a salmon told me that was going to the river Bidasoa. It was not the first time he did it, (it was a zancado) and spoke wonders of the place. As moisture beginning to make a dent in my I decided to accompany him. When after all this time I went to move my magic I discovered that nature had become limbs algae that had adhered to my sides. He had arms! Also, my skin had the bluish-green sea bottom.

Sailed up the river watching the beautiful forests growing on its banks and both liked the place, I decided to stay a while, although the salmon warned me that dragons were not very well seen by those lands and advised me not to leave me see.

But always alone and hidden I not made me happy, so I felt a great joy the day a beautiful girl with golden hair and distressed look turned to me to ask if I had seen her comb. At first I thought it was a woman, but in reality it was a lamia.

Lamias are beings with woman's body and duck feet combing her hair with golden combs while sing beautiful songs. Such was his despair that promised me to help her get her comb. I asked all the creatures found until the frogs told me there was a girl named Kattalin that used to bring the river to play and, having poor eyesight, had picked up a comb of gold that brought the current without realizing it was comb a lick. So I waited for Kattalin arrived and, hidden among some herbs asked the comb. The girl, who heard croaking frogs took me by one of them and started calling: "Igeltxo, etorri hona! Ranita, come here! ". As I approached she was not scared, but I did that when he suddenly reached out to touch me and, without realizing it, you take a breath of fire. Until that moment I did not know he was capable of throwing fire-breathing. I froze ...

I was really scared. Not Kattalin that, without thinking twice and believing, (because he was nearsighted) I was a huge frog instead of a dragon, I crawled to her very happy with her new pet home. At that time I did not notice that the fire had not burned not only him, but not even seem to notice the heat.

Kattalin home things were not going well. In the foundry where his father had a curse put out the fire of the forge and, unless someone could turn that night to break the spell of an evil spirit, never again worked the iron in the forge.

Seeing her daughter appear dragging a small dragon, his parents, they frightened and shouted, inadvertently, I threw another flare. Then his father realized: the fire lit but not burned. I was the solution! You could light the forge and make believe the evil spirit that his spell had not worked. So we did and broken the spell, the ironworks, the river's edge returned to his activity.

Kattalin returned the gold comb to the lamia and she gratefully made her lenses with two drops of water to catch again not by mistake, comb a lick. To me he promised me help, he said, not long in need. So it was. The common people feared me, and after much talk, decided to send in search of the goddess elle MARI to decide what to do with me. As he could not go swimming, I did some beautiful iron boots since then, are my feet. For people were prevented to the possible presence of a dragon (peaceful and gentle, but ultimately dragon) boots have a footprint that is intended to alert my proximity. It's my trademark! A kind of personal seal.

After much walking (I climbed mountains to touch the sky and came down chasms to get to hell) I found MARI in Peñas de Aia. I had to follow his trail of fire across the sky and, above all, give me a hurry, since there is usually a long time in the same place. In fact, he had gone Anboto just before I arrived, which delayed our meeting several months. However, it allowed me to explore beautiful valleys and lush forests in search on a wonderful journey in which I learned many things and met the most varied creatures ...

The truth is that MARI surprised my visit but after hearing my story and seeing that he had a good heart (why I had thrown Hell) decided to help: so far, could not live close to people because frightened but they could get gradually learn to accept me and trust me. As I missed the sea and decided to send me to Igueldo, where he commissioned lamias they built for me a beacon of stone every night, illuminated by my fire, help fishermen in the small village of San Sebastian to return to port.

There was only one problem, how take me there? MARI then decided to give me a beautiful pair of wings and a pincushion would help me in the work of the lighthouse. And what if it does! Inside home to four galtxagorris (Dwarfs with red pants) in charge of the garden, they gather wood, fix the house and, occasionally, if they have nothing else to do, are dedicated to tinker here and there.

That's how I came to Igueldo, the most beautiful of all lands MARI corner. And this is my home since then. Here I get my friends and I love to tell you, as now you, my story. In addition, to feel that I lived, the galtxagorris have helped me to recreate it as it happened.


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